Friday, December 21, 2007

Modify your pictures online for free Free

The site uses GD libraryes.....
the page for modifying pictures is:

Thursday, December 20, 2007 – Growing up to be a new success in the pictures business?

The newly acquired domain seems to be attracting people more and more..
Originated from Romania, the owners are a small group of individuals that came up with this great new Web 2.0 application that will hopefully be next to the top names.
It seems that they started with this idea: “No matter the price or the failure, we will never stop and we will never sell”.
The site is a Gamma version site (continuous construction and development), but it is a working version it it's evolution process...

I understand the “2” in pic2res is from it's 2 capabilities: hosting and editing pictures. You can filter and edit your pictures adding all kinds of stuff over your pictures, hearts, balloons, animals.....all kinds of transparent pictures that (here comes the best part), can even be your own pictures. You can upload your own pictures and create multiple pictures picture, with effects and transparent overlays, and if you have your own transparent pictures or you are a designer and you like to add those effects, you can.
Also, you have the ability to group your pictures in albums and give them names and descriptions...
The interface is extremely simple, even a 5 or 7 year old can figure things out and make a great picture with effects frames and filters....
There's a video on showing just how easy this is.
The site gives users the ability to upload unlimited pictures and let other people comment them, rate them etc.

Enough about the functionality.

The site already indexed by Google as soon as it came out, has no rank yet (it takes time for any site) but it jumped from 8 million to 800 000 in just 2 weeks on Alexa, and I presume it will go under 500 000 in one more week, maybe even lower... It still needs time to get indexed well, but it looks promising so far, many other (smaller) search engines containing it already.

People are adding new pictures each day and the little thing that I like about this site is that it creates 3 extra pictures, as modified pictures, each time a picture is uploaded. Cool no?

Share your impressions and make an idea if this is next or not.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Modify your pictures online Free

How to modify your pictures online for free, fast and easy....
Again, my site:
here's the tutorial: