Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cheap low budget laptops of 2008

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Porn, Sex, Nude and.... Programming

Today, the internet is the number one source of pornography in the world. Anyone can have it, and, guess what: FOR FREE?!?!
But what does this mean? Everyone? grandma? Kids? even my wife?
Yep! You forgot to mention YOU!!! but we understand... We've all been there:

But what about programming. What's one thing got to do with the other? Well, what happens when you are a web developer, and your client says: I want you to build me a Porn Site :).
What do you say to that?

"No! I'm religious"
"Hell yeah!!!"
"What is that?"
"are you sure?"
"OK but don't tell my wife/mom"
"only if you don't give my name when someone asks for it"

And the inevitable happens when yous tart building it and adding content, pictures, movies:

It gets you!

Muhahahaha hahaa ...

I just want to ask you developers out there:

1.Do you want to work as a web developer only for porn sites?
2.If not, how do you avoid it.
3.If you avoid it, Why do you avoid it?

and for non developers:

How many of you want to become developers just for the porn site development? ;))