Monday, June 16, 2008

loop inside loop - user request

long time no post...
kalabaw20 asked me on a video tutorial i did on youtube (link here)... to do multiple loops .. so here's a loop inside a loop:
you add for example a while inside another one using different variables for incremention.. like this:
echo $i."-".$y."
The above code will show something like:
and so on.. untill it reaches 100-100

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogs21 - Experience the blogs

Do you have a blog and want to get more traffic? Here is a great website that does EVERYTHING for you. You just need to register your blog and upload a picture for it(you can add as many blogs as you want / have) and place a piece of code on your blog. Then you will be connected to the Blogs21 Network and for each visitor that you send to the network you will receive a visitor back. Just like you would be linking to a lot of blogs out there...

And the best part about it is (not only that it's 100% free) but that you get back hight quality visitors from blogs that are just like yours.

See for yourself

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 From Website to Blog

You maybe remember the picture modifier site....
IT sold out and was stuck with the domain. So guess what... it's a blog now.. an interesting one too... You guessed it, with pictures .. lol

check it out ... but comment here :))

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cheap low budget laptops of 2008

Article Has MOVED HERE

Porn, Sex, Nude and.... Programming

Today, the internet is the number one source of pornography in the world. Anyone can have it, and, guess what: FOR FREE?!?!
But what does this mean? Everyone? grandma? Kids? even my wife?
Yep! You forgot to mention YOU!!! but we understand... We've all been there:

But what about programming. What's one thing got to do with the other? Well, what happens when you are a web developer, and your client says: I want you to build me a Porn Site :).
What do you say to that?

"No! I'm religious"
"Hell yeah!!!"
"What is that?"
"are you sure?"
"OK but don't tell my wife/mom"
"only if you don't give my name when someone asks for it"

And the inevitable happens when yous tart building it and adding content, pictures, movies:

It gets you!

Muhahahaha hahaa ...

I just want to ask you developers out there:

1.Do you want to work as a web developer only for porn sites?
2.If not, how do you avoid it.
3.If you avoid it, Why do you avoid it?

and for non developers:

How many of you want to become developers just for the porn site development? ;))