Saturday, March 3, 2007

Basic HTML Learning - VIDEO Tutorial

I've found a great HTML tutorial on . It's very, very, very good for people who just started learning HTML. IF you want to make a site, if you need make a school project, or...are just curious on how things are done in the programming world ......this will help you to get there fast and easy.
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Michael "Digital Maniac" W said...

You would do your audience a favor by not embedding a video by some kid, who cannot stop losing his train of thought. There are better resources out there, if you are the creator of the video then allow me to give you some advice.

1) Don't try to convince people to buy software when there are good free alternatives
2) Try not say "Uhh" over and over.
3) Check out notepad++
4) Don't take offence at this comment.

This is Digital Maniac out.