Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Add articles/scripts here for free

Right now, this site has a 5/10 google RANK , that means that I am very hight on and the possibility of someone finding articles on this site is very BIG.
I can help you spread your scripts on the internet and you can be a volunteer that can help this blog grow.
You can add your scripts(php, javascript, sql, mssql, asp, CSS, HTML, etc)....web developing scripts on this blog for all the visitors to see by sending me an email at:
send me the Article title, article content and your name and I will post it for you here.
Please write in the subject: Article for blog.

You can even add parts of articles, and links back to your site/blog !!!
Best thing can do this...for FREE!!!

I'm not charging anything. why should I ? you are helping the blog grow and the blog is helping you.
I want to make this a good blog that will help a lot of people in trouble with WEB code :)

Waiting for your emails,
Thank you,

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